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Let MoonLight Enterprises show you how you can have an affordable, quality Internet presence.

After you choose a domain name, you must then find a web hosting company. Hosting companies perform two services. They store your website files on their servers and they provide the domain name services. They assign your domain name (the alpha version - ie a numeric web address. All domains have numeric web addresses underneath the alpha version -- which enables computers to resolve your web domain.
For example: might actually resolve to something like 30.169.544.01.

Hosting company services vary in price. You can pay anywhere from as little as $8/month to $20/month and higher. As with anything, price usually dictates quality of service. For less than $8/month, you can be hosted and have web stats. Webstats are statistical information about visitors to your site.

Who do you use for web hosting?

PowWeb has been providing award-winning hosting since 1999. PowWeb remains unbeatable in terms of reliability, quality, and performance in the Web hosting industry. Click here to Host your Web site with PowWeb!

What is web hosting and why do I need it?

A domain name tells visitors where you can be found on the Internet. After registering a domain you will still need a place to host & store your web pages. Thus, you must separately associate your domain name with a web page or website. This is a service offered by a web host.

In summary, web hosting is essentially performing two services:

1) Your website files must be stored on a remote server (computer) and you basically are paying monthly storage fees for that rented space.

2) They provide domain email services, as well as the domain name server (DNS) services that allow your rented storage space on their computer to be resolved into a dot com, when someone enters your domain name into a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Netscape).

Does MoonLight Enterprises provide web hosting?

Yes, we provide web hosting. We also provide server administration for websites currently hosted elsewhere. We do not require you host with us in order for us to create or update a website for you.

How much does it cost and what do I get for that price?

Under $95/year (USD) to host one domain.


* FREE - 1 year domain registration with hosting!
* Disk Space (Raid Storage) - UNLIMITED
* 100+ GB Data Transfer / Day - UNLIMITED
* Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Forwarding and Aliases
* Online Community Forums
* Member Operations Control Panel
* WebStats (Webalizer & Awstats)
* 99.9% Uptime
* Web-Based E-mail
* and more . . .

What forms of payment are accepted for hosting?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Checks, Money Orders, and Western Union are accepted for Web Hosting.

What about hosting international domain names?

Yes. Existing international domains need to be pointed to the new host domain servers. We can do that for you or if you prefer (and understand the DNS change process) you can log into your registrar and change that information yourself.

Can I host an adult site?

Sorry, we do not host adult-oriented* websites.

* Adult-oriented specifically refers to pornographic.

Can I have a domain without paying hosting fees?

Yes, but you must have allowable server space available for your website. Server space such as an ISP account - which comes with your dialup or broadband Internet account. Most ISP accounts will not allow business sites to be stored on their servers for free - only personal websites.

Domains can be routed to go to these other servers - allowing your domain to work - without the costs of hosting. The downside is that the search engines do not fully index your site, if the routing is via frames.

Write to us and inquire further about how this is done - and if it is an option for you.



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