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There are several options available for installing e-commerce on your web site. The cost of selling products and services on your web site requires additional monthly expenses.

MoonLight Enterprises offers shopping cart programs and shopping cart services.

Shopping Cart Programs

We offer shopping carts, which requires the purchase of shopping cart software (and the setup costs) on your website. You will need to apply for an Online Merchant Account with your bank, purchase a digital certificate and also have SSL Security installed on your web server. Both SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Online Merchant Accounts require additional monthly fees. A digital certificate is purchased and renewed yearly, starting at $125.

For example, if your business already processes credit transactions off-line (at your physical place of business), then you already have an established Merchant Account. You will need to apply for an Internet Merchant Account to perform online transactions. This involves setting up a secure merchant gateway account to process your online credit card transactions. This account usually carries a separate monthly fee, a transaction percentage (approximately 2% sales commission goes to the Merchant) and sometimes (approximately $.50) per-transaction fees are applied, as well.

Shopping Cart Services

We also offer economical shopping cart services, which are shopping carts that integrate with your website, but all secure transactions are actually handled by a Shopping Cart Service Provider. They require no merchant account & established line of credit, no per-transaction fees and no webserver security (SSL). There is no software purchase required and the website sales setup labor is half the cost of purchasing a shopping cart program and using your own merchant account.

The shopping cart service providers offer a wide variety of program options & costs. For example, one may charge a flat yearly fee of $250 for unlimited use. Another service provider may charge a $10 monthly fee, plus a 9% commission on all sales.

MoonLight Enterprises can help you find the best shopping card service to accomodate your budget and your e-commerce needs.

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